This is a bit of an odd post, I’ve been asked to write it but then I am still only doing it because I think it could be a good resource.

Manga High ( is now free. I’m not sure what the catch is, but I have just registered 200 children with their own usernames and passwords in about 5 minutes.

The site provides maths games for KS2 and above. You can assign challenges to the children e.g. complete times table to a bronze level, but this would be best if you set the children up in maths groups or by ability. I have currently set children up in year groups but once we have played around, I may change it about a bit. I may also just leave it as something for children to play with rather than use in lessons.

You can also challenge other schools and win prizes/badges etc for the more games you complete. But the best bit? There isn’t another username to remember. You decide them.

So, if you have a VLE/Google Apps or whatever, simply create a CSV file (like this: ) and have one column for first name, last name, username, password and class. Our usernames for Manga High will be the same as they are for Google Apps. Simple. I would suggest uploading all users at once though, it got a bit confused when I tried uploading them as different year groups…

The next step is to pass it to the Digital Leaders and let them review it. I’ll share their thoughts soon.