This post is aimed at Hampshire people, but feel free to read it and give your opinions!

Ok, so we have a county-wide VLE, Wizkid/Studywiz. How much do we share across the county? A little bit, we have some schools discussing transition with their feeder schools or working in a cluster, we have a county-wide group for us to publicise information and documents, but I want to think BIG.

We currently have 410(ish) primary schools on Wizkid. How many of them teach the Seaside? or Victorians? or Plants? Ok ok so some of them are creative, child-led or dynamic, but still, they need some help and inspiration don’t they?

So let’s plan together. As of this week, every member of the Hampshire Shared Resources Group will have full teacher access. This is 900 teachers. You can come into this area, see what people have done already and export the folder into your class/year group. Nothing wrong with taking this and using it, but wouldn’t you rather be a sharer?

To be a sharer, why not add an activity to a folder? Why not add a useful website? Why not create a new folder? Why not upload your planning? Imagine if we could get 2 or 3 teachers helping you to plan that seaside topic. Imagine if we could get 20 or 30. Exciting innit?

How about you plan with someone else and then communicate with them during your topic? You could message them, email them, video conference with them…what are their children doing? What are yours doing?

So go and take a look, if you’re not a member of the group go and join it (Tools>Group Membership>Search) and then follow the instructions once inside. If you get stuck, give me a shout. There’s a help video in there under ‘Info’. I look forward to planning with you all!

PS: I have to say a massive thankyou to @simonhaughton, the man is a genius and we have stolen borrowed, lots of links from his school Parkfield’s Delicious account. Do thank him if you get chance.