As more and more of what we do is moving online, there comes the problem of logging in and remembering email addresses. I don’t know about you but I probably have 50+ logins to various sites, banks, email accounts or whatever. How can we manage this in the classroom? I know many¬† people see this as obvious, but people have been asking how we’ve managed our logins so far.

Well, this term we have already used our blogs, Animoto, Prezi and Viddler as a whole class, so how do we log in? I’ve created a class email account for each class (and also for the sports team, school council etc) and signed up using those.The benefits of this are that when we made Prezis, we could all see the work that everyone else had done. Of course this could lead to problems if someone wanted to maliciously delete someone else’s work, but I doubt that’ll happen. It also gives you more space, for example with Viddler, we now have 2gb per class rather than for the whole school.

To make it easier, I also have a whole school email account and all of the class mail forwards automatically to the main school one meaning I only check one account and not 15. Saves a lot of time!

Even if you are but 1 teacher trying this with your class, think bigger. I have set up the whole school (or at least chose a naming convention the whole school can follow) just in case they all want to start prezi-ing or animoto-ing in the future. Having a whole-school plan in place will help in the long run.

PS If you want to make more email addresses quickly, check Oliver Quinlan’s post on it.