Before you panic, there is no need to dust off those trainers or sweatbands. For this jog, you’re going to stay there in that comfy chair maybe even with a tea and a biscuit, actually…I encourage you to go and get a cuppa before we go Jogging. Now that is my idea of Jogging!!

A couple of days ago, @web20classroom Re-tweeted a site posted by @hrheingold and it caught my attention immediately. The tweet was entitled ‘A list of more than 100 interactive presentation media’. That sounds rather grand, but it just showcases some websites and software that enables you (or the children) to present information in different ways.

Some were well known, sites like Voicethread, and I know about and have played with a little. Others like Prezi have been covered by people like @primarypete_ on his blog, so I won’t share that with you today.

However one site that caught my eye was Jog the Web. This allows you to create a guided tour of the internet. Now that sounds quite complicated, but basically all you need to do is sign-up to an account and create a Jog.

Once you have made your Jog, you simply add websites to it. You give them a title, paste in the URl and write some text. This text could be instructions for children to follow or it could be a description of the site. You can re-arrange the order if you want to. I’ve used it below to share a few sites I like and to have a play with how it works, but how could we use it in school?

What about:

  • Putting a number of links in one place that talk about the new curriculum and what is happening with it
  • Linking a number of useful CPD/training sites together such as Ideas to Inspire, Apps4Class and ICT Video Help
  • Giving children a few websites that all talk about the same topic but maybe offer different viewpoints e.g. persuasion/discussion about zoos
  • Link 5 activities on a topic e.g. multiplication. Gradually the activities get harder

So go on, come with me and go jogging on a route I’ve set up for you here:

Once you’ve been for your Jog, come back and leave a comment about how you could use it in your school.

PS: The last page of the Jog is a comment box, you can comment there, but it would be better if you commented here on this blog instead.

Oh, if you want the ‘100 presentation media list’  Here it is in full