Following on from a discussion in an online forum about email, I have made a guide for GSuite / Google Apps users so that they can configure their email settings. These settings allow teachers to restrict who their students can email. I find that for primaries, the best option is to only allow students to email addresses with the same domain. Our school domain is so anyone with that in their email can send and receive emails from anyone else. If someone with a hotmail or gmail account tries to email my pupils, they get an error.

There are some caveats to that…

  1. If you have a penpal/partner school. You could allow users of that domain to email your children by just adding their domain into the email rules.
  2. If you have online services that send “forgotten my password” reminders. You could also allow some of these if you knew that they would be suitable. Of course, it would probably be best if teachers could manage all children’s accounts, but some services do not allow this.

Anyway, I hope the guide is useful for G-Suite users. Any problems, let me know.

View the guide on Google Drive or as a PDF document