Following on from Part 1 which looked at registering and setting up the domain for Google Apps, this post will discuss how to configure your domain to get it up and running. Click on a link below to open a Google Document that can then be downloaded or printed as required. I would suggest going through them in the order they are listed.

**Edit 20th June 2013 There has been a change to the Google Apps Dashboard, the new help guides are indicated below. Current Google Apps Users may find that they have the old admin dashboard for a while yet. I will leave both guides available until further notice. **

Creating Organizations and Uploading Users (New Guide) – This includes how to create the CSV/Excel file to upload users in bulk.

Adding Users 1 at a time (New Guide)

Creating Groups (New Guide) – Useful if you want to email a whole class or all staff at once

Choosing which services to enable (New Guide) – Google Apps provides access to lots of services, you might not want them all enabled.

Settings (New Guide) – Choosing which settings are enabled/configured for the different Google Apps tools.

Google Apps Marketplace (New Guide) – Adding Apps from the Marketplace

Advanced Tools and Reports (New Guide) – Not really used by most people, but useful to see what is there.

Part 3 will follow soon, this will look at what to do now that you have Google Apps all setup and running.