I’ve been thinking about ICT, it’s kinda what I do as ICT coordinator, but I’ve been thinking a bit bigger. I love the exciting projects such as green screening, rolling out Google Apps or testing QR codes, but I was wondering if there was something missing. I was at a Lead ICT Teacher meeting a few weeks ago and we talked ipads, digital leaders and video conferencing, but someone brought up the great point that there are lots of schools not doing this stuff and thinking ICT is a massive chore. It can be, but it can also be exciting.

So I was thinking about the quick wins for schools. What are the easy things that can be done with little hassle and more importantly, little money. podcasting is one thing that sprung to mind, £10 for a decent microphone and record some sound from a music performance, a poetry reading or a persuasive argument.

So next week’s Vital ICT chat will be focusing on simple ideas. Lots of tiny things that might get people excited and might lead on to other things too. The chat will take place on Wednesday February 16th from 8pm. Further details (and a recording afterwards) can be found here. You do need to login, but it’s free and there’s loads of stuff there too.

So, please put your mind in that of a school that might want some way of getting started. Where do they go for help? What tools are there out there to get them going?

There is the excellent Interesting Ways series from Tom Barrett (and others) available here, but where else could teachers go to get ideas? I’m not talking about Twitter as such because it takes a special kind of teacher to make that jump. I’m thinking reluctant teachers. Ones that might have been given ICT.

Of course, these ideas could be useful for anyone and everyone.

So please share your ideas in the comments here or in the replies on the discussion forum. It could be tools, websites, resources, hardware, software, whatever…