Oh, do you remember my post about the Google Teacher Academy? Well Iwas lucky enough to get an email on Friday to say that I have a place at the academy. I was very shocked as there are some amazing people that didn’t get in! Also, my video could have been better, but I guess I did something right to convince them I was worthy. Looking at the list, there are people from the US, Africa and India!

So what does it mean? I have no idea! Someone asked me if it was about showing teachers how to search using Google and another asked if it was a competition and if I still had to beat the other 49 applicants! I don’t think it’s either. It’s more about collaboration, creative thinking and exploring potential.

I know it will be a long, fantastic day working with some people I have met briefly such as @mattlovegrove or @tombarrett and some people I talk to and admire but haven’t met, such as @deputymitchell and @dajbelshaw. It should be a very exciting day full of opportunities and potential and I know that we will all be sharing our learning with you after the event