Ok, so I’ve got some flak from people that I was happy to complain when my greenscreening went badly wrong, but then I didn’t celebrate when it worked well. So here it is.

The first lesson failed for two main reasons.

1. I got the children working on their own

2. I wasn’t prepared.

So I fixed both issues and the children made much more progress.I thought that because we have loads of netbooks, the children should work alone. That didn’t work out at all, they didn’t need to discuss any problems so they just gave up. When working with a partner, they were able to discuss strategies and explore issues together. A much better plan.

The first time I used greenscreen in class was my first time too. I mean, I had played a bit with the software but I hadn’t used it with a class and I think I was expecting a bit too much from everyone. The second time I prepared a guide, handed it out and assigned one child to be the cameraman. He relished this opportunity and it all worked so much better.

The best bit? I was honest with the children. I explained what hadn’t worked before and we agreed that some changes were needed. I am only human and not everything goes to plan!

Oh…here are the pictures from Class 9, I hope you like them.

And no…I didn’t give a detention to the child who put me with Southampton’s Matt Le Tissier, but he was very close 🙂