I tweeted about a little project that I was involved in and now I have some time to write a bit more about it…so here goes.

I couple of weeks ago, I saw a few tweets from @7puzzle aka Paul Godding. These were number challenges that were being shared each day through Twitter. Now I don’t know how many people were using them, had tried them with their class or had even seen them, but I suggested to Paul about making a blog. Through various emails and tweets I offered to create one for him and set-up a simple WordPress blog. This was done this weekend and the blog is now live. The benefit of having these on a blog is that they will be searchable and available to all as Twitter is blocked in some schools.

The aim is that each day there will be an easy (aimed at about year 5-8yr olds), medium (aimed about 8-10yr olds) and hard (10+) questions. An example is: Using the numbers 2 4 6 8 just once each, and with all four operations + – x ÷ available, show how you can reach the target number of 24.

I see this as being a fantastic activity for either the start of a maths lesson or to share on the whiteboard at the start of the day while doing the register. We often have thinking challenges and this will be another tool to add to the arsenal. It accompanies 100 Word Challenge brilliantly I think as another tool that we can use within the classroom.

If you can solve a problem, simply leave the solution in the comment box and Paul will check it.

So, to try out the challenges, simply visit: http://7puzzleblog.com/

If you have any feedback, please let me/Paul know