There are many fabulous people on Twitter, but one of my favourites (if I am allowed to have favourites) is David Rogers. He is always trying to get the rest of us involved in naughty learning and it’s always loads of fun. In fact, I was at a conference listening to one of his sessions and then 5minutes later, under his instructions, I was climbing a tree in the hotel and being told off by security. I was trying to catch a falling leaf at the time.

Anyway…David is organising the latest Teachmeet in Hampshire and this will be happening on July 4th at Action Stations in Portsmouth. Not one for a normal Teachmeet, this one will also feature Laser Quest. Obviously.

So, if CPD, sharing ideas and lasers sound like your perfect evening…then add your name to the wiki or contact me and I will do it for you.

The wiki is here:

I hope to see some of you there. Also, if you fancy presenting or sending a video presentation, please do let me know too! (Or contact David of course)