I feel compelled to write this blog post as I have been blown away (again) by 2Simple and their amazing customer support and products.

My school have signed up for Purple Mash whcih I love and I have been eager to try and use for a while but the logins put me off. The childs login would be something like sam@c48382 with a password as well. This was horrendous! Credit where it’s due though, @2simpleant had mentioned they were looking at making it easier. I thought about making it firstname.lastname but I still had this horrible school bit of @c38575 or whatever.

Then someone mentioned a Purple Mash Portal. This takes out the need for the school bit as it already knows which school you are. Much, much better! So now I just need to create users and passwords and we’re set.

2Simple have a fab tool called 2Lasso that takes a list of children from Excel/CSv and uploads it to create users. My usernames are now the child’s firstname (with first letter of surname if more than one Alex for example) and their password is their class number.

We have linked the portal on our school website so they can access this at home and very easily with 2 clicks in school too. I know this is something they are looking to share with more schools soon, let’s hope it works 🙂

After showing Purple Mash to around 100 schools, I can finally get started with my own children. Tomorrow? We’re going to log on with Year 1-2 and have a go at using 2Go to drive our car around the town!