As you may have noticed, lots of schools have started getting children involved in the training of staff and in the day-to-day workings of ICT throughout the school. We have a group of children called Digital Leaders and I know many other schools do too. We have debated for a while how to identify them within school, the school council have lanyards with their names on it, but our Digital Leaders preferred the idea of having badges. So I thought about people I knew who made and used badges and thought of the guys at BrainPOP UK. They designed a badge for us and now I have a small collection available for other schools too.

So, if you would like 10-20 badges for your school simply visit my sponsorship page and make a donation. I did think about transferring money directly to our school but it seems like a lot of hassle for small amounts of money so why not use this as a way of donating to charity instead? I only have around 140 badges to give away so it will be on a first-come first-served basis. Once you have donated, please email me your details and I will send the badges to your school.

If you would like badges in larger quantities (50+) then email and talk to the team there. You don’t have to be a BrainPOP subscriber to make the request but they will need to see demand before they print more as they have to be done in bulk.


Edit – Thanks to everyone who has donated, we’ve raised £80 for charity! All of my badges are now gone, so if you want some you will have to contact BrainPOP. Sorry!!