I wrote before (here in fact) about my digital leader project. I originally chose 12 children and then gave them jobs etc, some stuck to their jobs and blogged loads and some got bored and wanted to go out and play football. So I am starting again. It is such a great way of engaging children but I was new to it and I didn’t focus enough. I need to make sure that they also benefit in gaining new ideas and trialling new things as well rather than just being asked to do the same thing over and over!

I have created a new form and listed the main jobs on there. The children can tick the ones they are interested in and we can start there.

Why will it be better this time?

The form will get emailed to all children – No ‘but I can’t access the form’ issues we had last time. I had bit.ly’ed the link and some couldn’t access it because they tried googling it rather than typing in the address bar.

I know the jobs I want them to do – last time I had an idea, but now I know. I also have plans for them to attend at least one teachmeet and present virtually at 3 others (including kidsmeet). They will be busy!

I have tried and not succeeded before so I am better prepared this time (note, I haven’t failed, just not succeeded as much as I wanted to)


It is well worth trying in your school if you’re not already!