I am creating a series of blog posts to show how to setup GSuite and to access the Google suite of tools including Drive, GMail and Classroom.

My current plan for blog posts:

  1. What is GSuite?
  2. How to sign-up to GSuite <<this post
  3. Checking settings and uploading users
  4. Using Google Drive
  5. Using Google Classroom
  6. Using Gmail in the classroom
  7. GSuite FAQs

This post is about how to sign-up to GSuite. I am writing this assuming that you have GDPR procedures in place and have discussed this with your Leadership Team already.

Although anyone can access Google tools using a gmail address, creating a GSuite account for a school gives the school more control over what is seen and shared. For example, you can set documents or videos to only be seen by people with an address linked to your school. To get started, either download the document below or follow the steps set out. It should take approximately 10 minutes for this step.

Download the how-to document here