For years now, I have used Google forms to allow staff and children to report problems. We have 2 main forms on our school website:

  1. For reporting technical issues – they fill in their name, the device location and the problem they are having
  2. A general e-safety one – they fill in name (if they wish) and the e-safety concern they have got. This could be a website that needs blocking or a worry they have.

With both of these forms, it pings me an email when someone completes it. If I need to follow it up or pass it on to someone, I can do. Both forms are on the school website pages so can be easily found too. So, how did I do it?

First, load Google Drive and select New>Google Forms.

Give it a name
Choose the type of questions – for “Name” I have chosen a short answer
I use multiple choice questions too, with “other” options where necessary
On the Responses tab, click the Google Sheets icon
This will create a spreadsheet, give it a name and click Create
Once the Spreadsheet loads, click Tools and Notification Rules
Choose your options and it will email you when someone submits a form
Go back to the form and click Send to get the link
This will give you a URL to put on your school website

To see an example of our form, click here and then choose Help. Although I’d ask you not to fill it in as it will email me!

There are many other uses for Google Forms, we have used them for parent surveys for example. Although if you do this, I would suggest that you don’t set email notifications until a week or two after sending out the URL and then you could get a notification if people were still completing it rather than receiving 200 on day one (wishful thinking…getting 200 responses of course).

I hope that helps you to create a form and use it to collect information 🙂