We’ve been blogging at our school, you may have noticed as I’ve waffled on about it a fair bit, but I saw something today that made me smile and realise how far we’ve come in half a term (plus a day).

We have blogs for each class and these are sorted by the teacher but there are other blogs that are shared a bit. For example the sport blog or the whole school blog. We also have a blog for Learning Outdoors as part of our outdoor curriculum. Now, the teacher who runs this said she loved the idea of blogging, but didn’t have time to do it as she was outiside. Fair point. So a Year 6 volunteered. We gave him some login details and away he went armed with my blogging guide. The result is here. All blogged by Adam and pretty much on his own but overseen by me.

Then just before half term, and I mean just, it was lunchtime on the last day, I was asked if we could have a choir blog and Adam duly offered to blog for them too as his class teacher runs the choir. I explained time was tight on the last day and it’d get done over half term.This then merged to become a clubs blog to cover all of the clubs we have.

Now today I wasn’t at school as I was training elsewhere so Adam couldn’t come to see me. His teacher didn’t know whether I’d had chance to set up the blog or not either. Then at lunchtime today an auto-tweet appeared from school with a link to http://stjohnsblogs.co.uk/clubs. Turns out Adam had investigated to see if I had setup the blog or not, then logged in and written a post and had it approved too. There’s even an MP3 uploaded which I imagine he did too.

This might not be a big thing to some schools out there, but we have some keen bloggers at our school and the children are helping to push this along. I feel very proud of this and long may it continue.

If you have 2 minutes, please do go and listen to their song and leave us a comment.