Ok, I’m not really sure how this happened but it appears I have been shortlisted. I’ve only got and got a nomination for the Learning Without Frontiers awards. I’ve been nominated in the category of Primary Innovator which sounds pretty good to me! I’m up against two people that I admire a great deal and would definitely call them my friends. David Mitchell is best known for his blogging work with Quad Blogging or Feb29th and Chris Leach is the brains behind loads of silly ideas (just like me) such as recording the Christmas Carol or ¬†introducing children to music through Polyphonic Kids.

The judges¬†that nominated us are a great bunch of people and I particularly like Tony Parkin’s job title!

I’m not expecting to win, but I’ve never been shortlisted before and I want to say a huge thank you to anyone that has voted for me or whoever put my name forward in the first place!

To vote for me, or Chris or David, then click this link.