The first Teachmeet of this academic year is to be held at Titchfield Primary School, Fareham, on Thursday 15th November. We will aim to kick-off at 4:30pm and will finish around 6pm. There will also be the chance to go for food afterwards too. Arrival is welcome from 4pm when drinks and nibbles will be served.

Titchfield Primary School is here: Southampton Road  Fareham PO14 4AU

So that’s the important bits…but what is a Teachmeet? Well it’s a meeting of teachers where they come together and share ideas. If you haven’t got any ideas or don’t want to share, that is fine. Come along and listen. It is an event organised by teachers to look at some great things that are happening in local schools. So, if you want to attend, fill in the form below.

Oh…it’s free too!

Prizes on offer: Subscription to Springboard Stories

Free stuff for everyone! – Trial of Busy Things until Easter 2013 (worth £50). Purple Mash for 3 months (worth £150)

For details on the presentations, please visit: