This is the third post in the 2020 version of setting up GSuite and using it within the classroom.

My current plan for blog posts is:

  1. What is GSuite?
  2. How to sign-up to GSuite
  3. Checking settings and uploading users <<this post
  4. Using Google Drive
  5. Using Google Classroom
  6. Using Gmail in the classroom
  7. GSuite FAQs

There are a number of settings within GSuite that will help make things safer and easier to use. Google changes and moves these settings from time to time but I will try and update this when I can! Also, you may decide to use different settings but I will share the ones that we use in our school and the reasoning behind it. Click on the links below to find how-to guides.

Creating Organizations – How to manage users

Uploading Users – How to upload users

Adding Users 1 at a time – How to add 1 user

Creating Groups – How to create groups to help with communication

Choosing which services to enable – Which parts of GSuite would you like to be turned on?

GSuite Apps Settings – Changing the settings for Drive, GMail etc. Includes how to restrict email to make it safer for pupils.

Creating admin accounts – Useful for giving other teachers some admin rights e.g. the ability to change passwords

Other bits – Things that don’t fit into the other categories but might be useful