This is the fifth post in the 2020 version of setting up GSuite and using it within the classroom.

My current plan for blog posts is:

  1. What is GSuite?
  2. How to sign-up to GSuite
  3. Checking settings and uploading users
  4. Using Google Drive
  5. Using Google Classroom <<This post
  6. Using Gmail in the classroom
  7. GSuite FAQs

This blog posts focuses on using Google Classroom. Google Classroom is a great way of sharing activities, questions and resources with pupils in your class. It is easy to setup and it makes it easy to get started. 

There is an overview video and then downloadable guides for using the different parts. 

Creating and setting up the class – I would suggest that each class is setup by an administrator or someone that is overseeing them all. Then invite the class teachers to join the class. Having one person with an overview would make it easier if you were doing something whole school or across a year group or if someone ran into difficulties.

Adding to the Stream – A good place to start off a conversation or to share simple activities and give the children the place to leave a comment as a response.

Setting Assignments – Assignments are the place to go when setting work and activities for the children. This could be as something marked and graded, or it could be a YouTube video or a web link. So why not…

  • Share a YouTube video and ask the children to respond to it. Maybe they have to writ their own version of the story you have shared?
  • Set some links for research, the children could browse the websites you have created and add their notes to a Presentation doc to share with their class?

Setting Quizzes – Setting a quiz for the children and this could be based on a topic or something you have shared with them such as a website, document or a YouTube video.